Charles A. Christopher 
Charles A. Christopher - CO2 geological sequestraton consultant.     
  • 42 years of combined experience working for companies such as BP, Amoco, Texaco, and Dow
  • Retired CO2 Storage Technology Consultant for the New Alternative Energy segment of BP in Houston.
  • Over 35 years industry experience in all phases of improved oil recovery and is considered an international expert in the area. 
  • For a number of years, he has been involved in the capture and sequestration of CO2 to prevent its effects as a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.  He was co-leader of the Sequestration, Monitoring, and Verification team of the CO2 Capture Project and managed a number of specific projects in that team.  Although he has worked all over the world, he is currently concentrating his efforts in North America.
  • He was the BP subsurface liaison for the BP-Ford Carbon Mitigation Initiative which is a 10 year program at Princeton University that involves carbon science, hydrogen economy, CO2 capture, and subsurface storage.
  • Charles helped organize three regional geological sequestration centers (WESTCARB, Midwest – Battelle, and GCCC) and was the BP representative to four of them in addition to the Gulf Coast Carbon Center.
  • He was recently responsible for identifying options for geological storage for BP’s largest US CO2 sources and new businesses that are being formed in the US.
  • Prior to the work in CO2 capture and storage, Charles was Technology Project Manager of the Gas Injection EOR project for 4 years at BP which had the responsibility to develop technology for the business units to enable them to enhance the profitability of miscible gas injection worldwide.  Prior to that, he headed the Amoco Thermal Recovery group in Tulsa.
  • He has experience in all phases of enhanced oil recovery, including polymer and surfactant, miscible gas – including CO2, and thermal processes.  This covers laboratory development, project design and implementation, and interpretation and optimization of flood performance.
  • Now, as a new venture, he has opened CO2Store ®, a consulting business relating to all aspects of CO2 emissions reductions and the geological storage of CO2.


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